Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Rosie Turned 3

 Remember this adorable face?

This was Rosie at 5 months old

Here she is at just 3 weeks old on a Skype call with my mom while we lived in China.

How did my little tiny baby grow to be such a big little person??!

In October Rosie turned 3 years old...
Every one sent her something for her birthday and she had so much fun opening all her beautiful packages. She was so much fun to watch as she opened her gifts and exclaimed over each one how great they were...
There are a lot of picture here of her surprised little face because it was so adorable.
Here she's very happy over the books her Godmother, Aunt Julie, sent her and the pretty post card of the famous book store. (She said she wants to go to New York, NY and visit the book store).
Here she is very excited about her very own scarf that Nana crocheted for her...
and it's purple too!
She was eager to put on the nail polish Mommy got her (safe for kids, non-toxic)
Nana got her new purple shoes! Rosie's feet are growing so fast and she's a huge fan of Pink and Purple.
Daddy got her a new pink soccer ball, that made her very happy.
And Grandma Miriam and Grampa John sent her a whole bucket of Dinosaurs!
Rosie loves Dinosaurs
She got a princess dress from mommy too.... but the dinosaurs were more fun.
Then Daddy took Rosie to the park for a Rosie and Daddy play date.  She's such a big girl and can climb up on the slides all by her self now!
Of course we had to have cake. She said the wanted a pink one....
So it was pink on pink....she also picked out princess plates, napkins and a table cloth all by her self.

Happy Birthday my Darling Girl. You are the lift of my life and your smile lights up my heart and the hearts of every one who meets you.

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