Thursday, November 29, 2012

Autumn was Beautiful

Autumn this year was the most beautiful Fall I've seen in a very long time. I didn't get nearly enough pictures of all the lovely trees around us before they all "got naked" as Rosie calls it. But I did get some around our house.

 Obadiah loves being out side. Especially in the perfect weather of Fall. 

Fall is my most favorite season of the whole year. I always feel so much more alive and active in the Fall.  So it was extra special that we had some baby goats born right as the weather and trees were changing.
Rosie is such a perfect little goat mama.  She checks on them and pets them and plays with them.  This batch was particularly fun since I got to help one of the mama goats give birth to breach twins and Rosie got to watch too.
She loves being out side with her goats and they love her too. Even the most unfriendly of or goats will let Rosie walk right up to her and pet her and talk to her.
This is a day old baby goat meeting our dog Molly for the first time. Molly does such a great job at protecting "her" goats... Rosie is included in "her" goats.

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