Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Cookie Decorating

I know Valentine's Day is long gone but I wanted to share some pictures of our family cookie decorating night.

We used a box mix of  123 Gluten Free Sugar Cookies and they were wonderful!  The product line is a bit over priced but they are also some of the best mixes I've ever tasted. Even better than some non-gluten free stuff....even William admitted that.

Rosie thought it was great fun that her Daddy sat down and decorated with us too. She had so much fun putting every little piece of candy on the cookies.
 She was also pretty excited about licking her fingers alot. Sometimes a pink nerd would get stuck to her fingers in some frosting and she just keep licking and eating them.

She had so much fun though and then she thought very hard about each cookie when we told her to pick one out for each person to eat.  She's such a sweet girl and really does like sharing her special treats.

I love every holiday and I like to try to make them special with special food. But Rosie makes each holiday even more fun and more special than I ever thought possible.  She's such a good little helper and she's such a good holiday elf.

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