Monday, February 27, 2012

Thank you for the Gifts

Here's a picture from right after Christmas that William took. William's parents give me this amazing purse that I've been wanting for years. I was so excited about it that carried it around with me every where for weeks..... this is me and Rosie going down to the mail box to get the mail... I took my purse. We're also wearing the matching ear warmers that William got us.

The bag is a Petunia Pickle Bottom Bag. They make high end diaper bags and purses that are stylish for mamas. This bag is a perfect size for a wipes case and a changing pad (which it comes with) and a few diapers. Plus a few other must haves... like my wallet, a snack bar and my camera.  

I was very spoiled this Christmas and felt so loved. You've already seen my kitchen torch (and I'm always willing to make any one Creme Brulee who wants to come visit!)  I also got a Moby Wrap from my Dad. I'm SO excited about my Moby. It's my favorite infant carrier and I'm very excited about using it IN A FEW WEEKS!!  Lucky Mama and lucky baby.

Thank you so much every one! I know it's February and I'm just now posting this... But I'll enjoying the wonderful Christmas gifts every day.

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