Monday, February 27, 2012

Our Year Thus Far

I can't believe it's already the end of February! Last time I checked it was New Years. Now we're almost into our 3rd month of the year! I hope the rest of the year doesn't go this fast. I'd like it to show down a bit so I can enjoy it! It's already 301 days till Christmas.

Anyway, Here are some pictures of our year so far...

Our traditional New Year's Eve dinner. Meats and cheeses with apples and Sparkling Apple Cider. New Years is special to me and William because it's the only holiday that we don't share with any one. It's just our own special night to cuddle and watch terrible movies and just enjoy each other's company.
This year William got an air matress for Christmas so we thought it would be fun to rent movies and camp in the living room floor for a couple nights. Rosie LOVED it. She loved jumping on the bed and that it was on the floor and she loved cudding up in front of the TV and watching Cars and Jane Eyre.
She woke up so happy the first morning and thought it was so much fun to be cuddling in the living room that we decided we should do it for a second night.  Isn't she adorable!
Here's another special moment from January. Rosie sat in a swing for the first time by her self! She thought it was great fun to have Daddy push her (very slowly and gently) and to be able to do it by her self.
In other news... I got a blow torch for Christmas... ok. so it's a kitchen torch. But it was still fun to pull out the welding mask my first time firing it up. hehe. Did you know you can't see through those things. Anyway, I've been making lots of Creme Brulee lately.
One very early and cold morning we decided to go to the park and see the birds and ducks. Rosie kept chasing the birds around and calling them "my birds!" She looks serious here... but she really loved chasing and watching them and giggled most of the time. She talked about "her birds" for a week after wards.
Here's a picture of Rosie's first snow man. She loves snow men in her books and on the Christmas tree. She calls them "nose man". We only had one snow this year and it was a very light one. So I wanted to make sure she got to actually build a snow man. He lasted through the night and morning but then he "went away".
He was very very small. but she liked him anyway.
Our one and only snow this year... we had a super light winter... and now our daffadills are blooming already. It's very strange.
Oh... and there's this random Parthanon in the middle of Nashville for some reason. So we went and saw it.

Here's an adorable picture of William and Rosie at the Parthanon park.
Rosie's favorite place to go in Nashville is the Nashville Zoo. It was very cold the last time we went so we spent alot of time in the fish, bird and reptile house. Rosie LOVES watching the fish and sat there for a very long time with William.
A couple more adorable pictures of Rosie at the park. She was very cold and wanted to know "where's my ducks go?"

We've also had lots of visitors this year so far. Which we love. We love hosting people and giving them a place to just relax. We also like feeding people.  Here's a picture of our friends' kids. They are Missionaries in Mongolia. We really really enjoyed hanging out with them and Rosie loved following them around the house and learning how to play Monopoly. These kids are some serious monopoly players. I think they played for 6 hours straight!
Rosie got to watch "The Goofy Movie" with the kids..... she was covering her eyes during what she thought was a scary part. Aren't they adorable together?
We also had our friend Joy and her kids and sister, Tika, come visit. But I didn't manage to take ANY pictures of them this year. sigh.
It's kind of developed into almost a tradition that we see Joy (and her husband Andrew when we get lucky) every February. We've managed to see them in February for the past 3 years... I think we'll try to keep that up maybe.

Well that's all the pictures I have for now. I'll leave you with an adorable one of Rosie in bed drinking her "coffee" (don't worry... it's warm milk) She wakes up really hungry and has seemed to developed the Coleman trait... (ok really it's mine and my dad's trait)... of being kind of grumpy when she's hungry. So if we start the morning with a cup of milk to usually resolts in smiles and giggles first thing in the morning. She gulps it down as fast as her mama does. Plus, I think  she likes to treat of having it in bed. Who doesn't?

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  1. A beautiful start of a year! Love your photos.