Monday, January 9, 2012

Christmas Eve

Now that Christmas is over and we've spent a couple weeks doing absolutely nothing, I'll share some pictures and memories with you about our wonderful Christmas.

On Christmas Eve William and I decided to let Rosie open her gift from her Godmother, Julie.

I'm not sure what the official roll of a Godmother is... but if it's to totally spoil a child then Julie has that completely covered.

Julie remembered, from her visit this past summer, that Rosie loves to sit at the vanity table and "put on her make up." So being the wonderful Godmother that she is, she sent Rosie her very own make up.

As you can imagine Rosie was very very excited about it. She spent hours putting on her make up. She'd even be playing with something else and remember her make up and run away saying "Rosie's make up" and go back to put some one. She carried it around the house and put it on while we watched a Christmas movie.

And in case you're wondering, it is special mineral make up made especially for delicate children's skin.

Another fun thing that we all really enjoyed was being visited by Christmas Carolers. I can't remember the last time I've been Caroled to. Not only were they friendly and festive but they could all sing really well too.

Last year we all went to a midnight Mass. But we were all so tired the next day that we decided it was better for every one if we went to an earlier service this year.

William and I have been attending the local Catholic church so every one agreed to go with us to the 5:00 mass.  Look how adorable Rosie and my dad look on their way to church.
Father Michael gives some of the best sermons I've ever heard. He also does the best Christmas services than any one I've ever encountered. It was really special that my family was willing to try something a little different and go to a Catholic Mass with us. It was also really fun that we got to take up a whole row in our little sanctuary.  It reminded me of when we were kids and took up most of an a row.
At the end of the Mass Father Michael called all the children up to the front to sing "Away in a Manger" to the baby Jesus while Father Michael played the guitar. You can see Rosie at Father Michael's feet watching him play.  She always loves it when he sings and plays his guitar.

I wanted to take a picture of Rosie in her pretty dress in front of the huge pile of presents we had before she went to bed. The pictures are a little dark but you can see how tall the pile was... it got taller by Christmas morning. Santa was very generous this year... we must have all been very very good.

Rosie LOVED having all the presents under the tree. She loved looking at them all and asking who they were for.  Annie went around and told her who each gift was for and then Rosie would remember it hours later and tell me "Nana's pesant" or "mama's pesant" she is so so smart.
She especially loved the gifts wrapped in shiny paper and the poky-dots paper.

Before we went to bed we asked Rosie if she wanted to leave some cookies and milk out for Santa. She said she did and she took it very very seriously.

Aunt Annie told her she should leave a carrot for Rudolf too so Rosie asked for a carrot and left that with the cookies.
Since Mass was so early we had time to watch a Christmas movie together before we all fell into bed. We watched "The Santa Clause."

I didn't even know Rosie was paying attention to the movie.. she was playing the whole time. But when we were putting out the cookies and milk Rosie insisted on Soy milk! (there's a scene in the movie where Santa tells a girl he's lactose intolerant so she gives him soy milk).

We couldn't believe that's what she was saying at first but she kept shouting "soy mirk" so we all had a great laugh and decided that if she wanted Santa to have soy milk than that was what he was going to get.

In the end I think Santa was pretty pleased with his cookies and soy milk and the thoughtful remembering of his reign deer because our stockings were all over flowing. 

I'm really glad I started decorating and celebrating Christmas well before Thanksgiving. I felt like, even though I'd gotten a head start on thing, the last few weeks before Christmas really flew by and Christmas snuck up on me.  It was really a wonderful Christmas season though and a very happy and memorable time with my family. We all managed to get our gifts wrapped before Christmas Eve so we were able to spend a relaxing time together.

I'd added a white candle to the center of our advent wreath and lighted it on Christmas Eve.  It was really fun to make and light the wreath and I think it's a tradition we might keep up. Here's a picture of our wreath all burned down to the very last bits of candle stubs. Remember when they were all tall and new?

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  1. I love your blogs. I hope to someday meet Rosie as she sounds like such a sweet and bright child!