Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas at the Gaylord Hotel

I know my mom already posted about the great day we had on her birthday, if you haven't read it you should check it out HERE,  But I wanted to post a few more pictures of our fun Christmasy day in Nashville...

William took Rosie on a Christmas Carrousel, TWICE. Both times she insisted on riding the Moose.

Nothing says "Merry Christmas" like "Check your weapons at the door." We're not in California any more Toto.
(This was at the Bass Pro shop next to the Gaylord)

Rosie really enjoyed the Christmas decorations at the Gaylord Hotel.
Ok. Rosie wasn't the only one who enjoyed the decorations.
We got lucky enough to show up just before closing time for their Christmas tree land so we didn't have to pay to get in... We all enjoyed walking through and admiring their Christmas tree collection. I got so many ideas for next year.

This one was Rosie's favorite. It had neon lights that would flash and it rotated. It was very bright and colorful.

Rosie got to play on the peddle cars. She thought the fire truck one was the best and kept talking about how "Rosie did it. [in a] circle" afterwards.

She also got to ride a Christmas train with her Nana. Rosie loves trains.

Rosie wrote a letter to Santa.
And then mailed it to him.

The rest of the hotel was decorated in amazing Christmas lights.
Rosie loved walking through them and looking at everything...

Even if she was a little tired.

We ended our super fun, but long day, at the Irish Pub in the Gaylord Hotel.  This is one of our favorite places to just sit and talk, have some nice snacks and fun drinks and listen to live music.
This time they had a special Christmas drink on the menu that was divine. I tasted like you were drinking a candy cane.

Rosie stuck with her favorite drink, Apple Juice. That seemed to perk her right up and then she was energetic again and danced and got really huggy with every one. Yeah, we take our baby to the Irish Pub and get her drunk on apple juice.
The first time we went here Rosie was just 5 months old and William danced with her.(my mom blogged about Rosie's good Irish upbringing back then.)
This time they danced again to the live music.
Every one in the pub enjoyed watching Rosie dance. She's such a good little dancer and I think it's one of her favorite things to do. Especially to good Irish music.

So that was our fun day at the Gaylord. If you've never been and you ever find your self in the Nashville area I would totally recommend checking this place out. Especially at Christmas time. They have wonderful decorations and fun things for the whole family. Including shows, live music, and pictures with Santa.
The only place I've seen that does a better job at Christmas time is Disneyland.

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