Thursday, January 12, 2012


It's not very easy to get a family picture of us all. First of all we don't ALL get together that often, and when we do we often forget to take a group picture. (or the one we take turns out very bad)

When we do remember there always seems to be some one missing... Like this picture, one of my favorite childhood pictures,  but where's Mom? Obviously she's the one taking the picture.
Here's a rare picture of all of us. Seriously, I had to look a long time for this... it's hard to find one with both parents AND all four kids.

Well this Christmas we still had people missing. Amanda and her 4 kids weren't able to make it, but we DID manage to get a group picture with every one who was there actually in the picture.
Thank you William for taking such great pictures of us, I know we were a routy bunch to manage but you did a great job.
Now if we could just get Amanda and the kids to visit. Maybe we can photo shop them in...

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