Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Merry Christmas Day!

If you thought the pile of gifts was huge on Christmas Eve you should have seen it on Christmas day. Santa came while we were all sleeping and left some more goodies for us.

Rosie was very excited about all the presents under the tree. Her favorite part of the whole day was being allowed to pass out the gifts. She liked that better than opening them I think.  She was a perfect little Christmas Elf.
I wish I'd taken more pictures of our wonderful day but I guess I was just enjoying it too much to think about my camera.

My mom made her famous breakfast burritos. A Christmas tradition that I think we all look forward to more than the gifts. I of course woke up super early... I've never been able to sleep in on Christmas day... and started examining and shaking the presents before William caught me and scolded me.

We tried a couple new things and learned don't like when every one opens their stockings at the same time (instead of one at a time). We also learned that Lottery tickets make super fun stocking stuffers and we were all impressed that Luke got all the girls smelly lotion and that he even went into the "smelly store" to buy them him self. He must really love us.

Rosie got way too many gifts but was super excited about all of them. She got to open the first gift, a stepping stool from Nana that she now pushes around the kitchen so she can see what we're doing or help with dinner.

I didn't take pictures of all her gifts but she was totally cute opening each one and exclaiming her "ooooo" every time.

She was especially happy to get her very own bath robe ... or as she calls it her "robe bath, like mama's"

But as I said before her favorite part of the whole day was passing out the presents to every one.

The gift of the day was when William open his gift from my dad. William was very surprised and excited to get the gas mask he wanted for Christmas.

None of us really know why William wanted a gas mask... and none of use were brave enough to get it for him. But he sure was happy and excited about it and it does make for some really funny pictures.  Like this one on William's Tumblr.

It took us 4 and half hours, plus another half hour just with William and me and Rosie in our room opening gifts from William's parents. It was wonderful spending time together and eating truffles that Annie made and getting to watch each other open the gifts we'd spent months collecting for each other.

But then it was time for naps and relaxing for every one.

Rosie likes to relax by watching Peep and the Big Wide World with her Nana.

The rest of the day was spent relaxing, napping and hanging out, playing with our new toys and video games. Also, I think some people went out to the back woods for target practice.
One major highlight of the day was when Father Michael came over for Christmas dinner. Again, I wish I taken pictures of our Christmas dinner but I was just enjoying it way too much.

Rosie is such a fan of Father Michael, she was so happy that he came to her house and the rest of us enjoyed his company too. I think we made him laugh, I'm not sure he knew what he was getting him self into when he agreed to come over but I think he had fun. I did warn him that we were crazy... and I think we lived up to that for him.

Video games in the living room and a board game (Settlers of Catan) in the dinning room with lots of Christmas goodies and junk food ended our perfect Christmas day.

It was so nice to spend a day with every one and to share Christmas with my family. Every one was so generous and thoughtful in the gifts they gave and we all enjoyed watching each other opening them. It's really fun that one one minds that it takes us 5 hours to open gifts... plus Mom keeps us all very well fed during the whole day and Annie kept us all sugared up with her truffles and rum balls and peppermint bark.

I'll leave you with a couple pictures William took of Christmas Smiles.
Merry Christmas and may the magic, joy and love of the season stay in your hearts all year long.

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