Saturday, November 5, 2011

Our Happy Halloween

As I mentioned before, we started our Halloween celebrations in September at Disney World when we attended "Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party"
Which mean our Halloween season lasted extra long and we got lots of use out of our costumes. It was a magical life changing experience.

We got 3 uses out of our costumes this year. Once at Disney World, once at the Nashville zoo's Halloween Party, and then on Halloween night. So we got lots of use out of our costumes.

On Halloween night we had planned on going to a local church carnival to play games and eat hot dogs. But Rosie woke up with a runny nose and not feeling too great so we were a little apprehensive about taking her out in the cold.  We didn't want her sniffles to turn into a full cold.

So instead, we put our costumes on and went took Halloween treats to Uncle Joe and Aunt Janna's house. (Reverse trick or treating is much more fun).

Rosie was happy to get a bag of Reeses bits and to play with Joe. He always makes her laugh and smile... even when she's feeling under the weather and shy.

Then we took Apple Butter to Aunt Mae. Rosie and William enjoyed Aunt Mae's stash of children's books. Aren't they so cute?!

After our fun visits we went back home and dressed the dog up in Rosie's fairy wings and played chase around the kitchen. While William got carry out dinner from the Mexican restaurant and we watched some sci-fi.

Rosie wanted Andy to stay close to her. She love bossing him around.

So even though Halloween night didn't turn out how we'd planned it was ok, because we'd gotten lots of use out of our costumes already and done alot of fun Halloween things.
The next day, when Rosie was feeling better, Nana carved a Pumpkin with her.

She thinks it great fun and giggles every time she sees it and says "Pumpkeee! eyes. Mouth. Teeth. hehe"

So that was our Happy Halloween.

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