Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Rosie's Special Day -- Happy Birthday little one

Rosie's Birthday was such a wonderful and special day. I have WAY too many pictures of it, but she is just so cute it's so hard to post just a few.

She is also very very loved and had gifts coming from all over the world. Literally. she got gifts from friends in China, Venezuela and several states in the US.

We started our day with tea and pancakes and of course a present or two. Rosie was very excited when she saw her big pile of gifts, but I was so proud of her that she just wanted to open one at a time and play with it for a few hours before moving on to the next one.

Since it was Rosie's Special Day she got to pick all the things we did that day. Of course that meant a dance party. So we put on our dancing shoes and all danced in the living room to Christmas music.
Also, Rosie loves Rainbows and colors so we tried to incorporate as much color into our day as we could. That is the reason for Rosie's extra special rainbow outfit and her sparkly red dancing shoes.
After dancing for a good long time Rosie wanted to go out for a walk. Going for walks is Rosie's favorite thing.  She loves being outside, especially now that the weather isn't so hot.
We also decided to show her how to play in the Autumn leaves. She thought jumping in the pile of leaves that William made was great fun.

I know it's a lot of pictures... but doesn't she just have the greatest smile?!

Rosie's favorite place to walk is out in the back pasture, far away from the house. She likes to follow the goats and dogs out there and check on every one.

Rosie giving her little Andy a kiss. He got too tired on our long walk and William had to carry him home. William is so nice.

Of course our new baby goats need kisses and cuddles too.
Rosie loves playing outside with her goats. She likes to talk to them and pet them and make sure they are all doing well. She's such a good goat girl.

Here are a few pictures of Rosie opening her gifts. As I mentioned before, it took us ALL DAY to open her gifts. She really enjoyed taking time with each one. Each one was very special to her.

We had to read each book she got a couple times before she could move on to any thing else. Here she got Corduroy from her Grandma in Truckee.

oh yeah. and we had cupcakes for lunch.

another gift....

It's a hat! Rosie loves hats.

Opening more gifts...

And another stylish hat!

Hanging out with our rainbow socks...

And reading the book about Home Birth that our friend Diana sent us. Rosie really likes this book. Here she's pointing out the mama's belly and telling us how it's going to "open" and then an "egg" will come, then the baby is born. Rosie is so smart. She calls this her "boobie book."

Our friend Fanny, in China, sent Rosie some pretty princess things...

 And William made us a very special dinner of Rainbow Clam Spaghetti.

 Rosie loves pasta, and she likes clams, and since we were doing a rainbow themed day we thought this would be fun. I got the idea from Rosie's Godmother, Julie.  It turned out really really well. It was super tasty and the colors looked great. They didn't turn out very well in the picture, but in person they were great.

As you can see Rosie loved them very much. She especially loved the pink noodles and giggled every time she took a bite.

Since it was a special day we had Sparkling Apple Cider and Rosie got to use an extra special glass for it.

Then it was cake time!

We sang Happy Birthday twice because Rosie thought it was so much fun to all sing together ....

Then she blew out both of her candles all by her self. 

I made a Rainbow cake of course. Rosie had fun telling us what color each layer was.

I was very happy with how well it turned out and that it didn't fall apart or fall over or anything.

Then it was time for some pre-bed time silliness with dancing, chasing through the house, wearing of hats and of course a few cartoons.

 It was the most wonderful Birthday celebration I think I've ever participated in. We all had fun all day long. It helped that we had an almost endless flow of presents and cake.  Rosie was such a good girl all day long and smiled all day.
We had so much fun opening her gifts all day long that we even ran out of time and had to wait till the next day to open the last one.

Rosie didn't mind at all though. She got a little dolly wagon house with two little dolls and a horse. She played with it all day long and still carries the dollies around the house with her. Some times she even nurses them, takes them to the potty and wraps them up in her blankie for a nap. She's such a good little mama.

I love that she can be both girly and rough and tumble dirty at the same time.
So that was our super wonderful Birthday Celebration with our little Angel. Thank you everyone for making it so wonderful and for all your love and gifts and cards you sent. Rosie LOVES cards and keeps some of them in her bed where looks at them in the evenings. Others she keeps on the kitchen table where she can tell us what colors they are while we eat breakfast. 

Every day she is more and more fun to be around.

Also, thank you William for all these wonderful pictures you took of Rosie's special day. (check out his iPhone pics on the right for more awesome photos)

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