Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Magic Kingdom

I do not remember life without Disney.  I do not have a time when I can ever remembering NOT knowing what Disneyland was and that I loved it. My mom says I was 2 when I first went and I think ever since my first visit I carried the magic if Disneyland in my heart always.

Growing up in California we were lucky to always be driving distance from Disneyland.

As kids Disneyland was the ultimate vacation. We always had fun with our parents. We were always going to interesting places and learning about fun things. But always looked forward and enjoy Disneyland the best.

Even in High School Disneyland was my favorite place to visit. And it still is even to this day.

When William and I started dating one of the first things I did was buy us a Disneyland pass.  We went every weekend and sometimes we'd even meet there after work just to walk around, have a hot chocolate and sit and talk. It was truly a wonderful and magical way to start our relationship and marriage.

Our first time at Disneyland as a couple

When I was a kid I heard that there was another Disneyland. Something called Disney World in a place called Florida. I looked it up so I knew where Florida was. I knew it was far away but I was told that Disney World was even bigger and better than Disneyland.  It was always one of my childhood dreams to someday visit Disney World.

Well, you know what they say, When you wish upon a star dreams do come true, and last night my dream came true.
Last night was the first night of the Halloween Season at Disney World and it was the first night of their after hours Halloween party.  Guests not only get to stay in the park till midnight, but they are also encouraged to dress up in Halloween costumes!
Tinkerbell and Peter Pan check things out

We started our evening out with dinner at Tony's Italian Restaurant. It's the same restaurant that Lady and the Tramp ate at on their first date.  This was the most amazing meal we (my mom and I) have ever had in a restaurant because it was all Gluten Free! The chef came to our table and talked to us about what he could make us and then brought it to our table. We even got Gluten Free dinner rolls! hot ones!

Of course since we were at Tony's Rosie and I got Spaghetti and meatballs. It's Rosie's very favorite food... after chocolate.
 Then it was out to the Magic Kingdom to have a magical time!

Disney knows how to do holidays! 
All the decorations were changed for the season along with the music and the lights.

I never would have imagined that Disney could ever be improved on, but Disney with costumes is spectacular.

So many people were dressed up, and not just kids. A lot of adults were there in really great costumes. Even adults with out any kids with them were enjoying the festivities and the tick-or-treating.
I was very impressed with everyone's costumes, but I was especially gleeful about meeting these two. Captain Picard and Captain Janeway from Star Trek!

Since it was a Halloween party we dressed up as the Peter Pan movie. We were Peter Pan, Wendy, Tinkerbell and Nana... the nurse maid dog. I always thought it was unfair in the movie that Nana didn't get to go to Neverland with the kids... So last night we took her.

Rosie LOVED all the flashing lights and wonderful costumes. She especially loved pointing out all the Mickeys she saw... she was pointing and saying "Mickey" all night long.  Nana got her this flashing balloon (that is still floating the next morning by the way) and she loved playing with it and dancing with it.
Rosie also loved the parade very much. We managed to get front row seats on the ground and she danced and clapped the whole parade. Except when the zombies came dancing by. She wasn't sure about them. I don't blame her... zombies creep me out too.

Here's a great picture of my mom as Nana. She was by far the best costume in the park. It was so much fun having people recognize her and seeing their reaction when they realized who she was.  A number of Disney employees said that she was the first Nana they had seen and that she made their night.
Since we were the Peter Pan group we decided we needed to visit the Fairy Forest
We were in the park from 7pm to midnight. We got back to our room about 1am. It was a wonderful wonderful night of magic and holiday fun but it wasn't long enough.  I think we are going to have to go back again tomorrow and see the park in the day time.
Rosie did so well the whole night. She smiled and laughed and stayed awake and in a good mood all night long. In fact, at 2am she was running around our room squealing and laughing.  I'm so happy she enjoyed it as much as I did.  It's so important to me that she grows up knowing Disney and having the Magic of the Magic Kingdom in her heart.  
This trip is supposed to be her birthday trip. It's about a month early for her 2 year birthday.  I don't know if she'll have specific memories of this trip or not, but I know she will never know a time Disney Magic wasn't in her life... and that's important ... to me.

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  1. I'm so glad you all had fun - it IS important to have and believe in magic your whole life. Life without magic is even worse than life without Disney.

    Happy Birthday, Rosie dear.