Sunday, November 6, 2011

With These Rings... Happy 7th Wedding Anniversary!

Today (November 6th) is mine and William's 7th Wedding Anniversary.

It does not seem like it has been that long. It seems like just a few years ago really.

Out of the 7 anniversaries we have celebrated, only 3 have been in the US. We've had more anniversaries in China that we have in the States.

I'm not sure if we should do something very American, like eat steak, today. Or if we should have Chinese food.

We've had so many grand adventures since we've been married.

We've visited 13 states in the US. Not counting the ones we had to drive through to get to our destination.

They had the fewest teeth in New Mexico.

We started our marriage with an international flight, and we have been on countless flights since then.  Rosie has been on 22 since she's been born, and that's just in two years. So I can't even count how many flights we've been on.

Several have been International.

Swan Lake Ballet in Prague, on our honeymoon.

We Honeymooned in Prague, Czec Republic. Since then we have visited 6 countries.

Plus Hong Kong, which isn't it's own country but you still need a visa to go there and it's not really China either.

The one nice dinner we had on our Honeymoon.

We've moved 4 times. Two of those were Internationally.
Across the river from the Prague Castle

We've learned to cook some Chinese food and some Korean food and have eaten things we never imagined we would.

Donkey is quite good actually.

We're also pretty dang good with chop sticks by now.
A romantic carriage ride through the old streets of Prague

We've made two brand new humans. Though we're still waiting to meet Human number 2.

I think we should make a couple more.

Our first Thanksgiving,  days after returning from our honeymoon

We've visited 3 different Disney lands!
There are currently 5 world wide, with another being built in Shanghai.

I think we'll collect them all.

We've had some pretty amazing adventures during our short 7 years of marriage.
I couldn't imagine doing any of them with out William. His courage and strength have made me a better person.
I look forward to many more years of wonderful adventures. 
I love you my darling William. 
Happy Anniversary.

Also, thank you for letting me warm my feet up on you.

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