Friday, July 7, 2017


I was looking back at my blog and realized I pretty much only blog at Christmas. And then my last post was Half Christmas! 
Goodness...that's a lot of Christmas.... I swear we do other things too!

The thing is, we didn't have internet for a LONG time at our new house... but now we do! and now I need to get back in the habit of blogging again.

I thought I'd start with the kids' birthdays because those are my favorite times... I love looking back and seeing how they have grown.

I usually let the kids plan their own birthdays and pick their own theme. They always come up with such creative ideas. 

Obadiah had been telling me since his LAST birthday what he wanted for his 5th birthday.
I kept thinking he'd change his mind but he never did.

 He wanted a beach themed birthday for his 5th party.
From the week after his 4th birthday he'd been telling me he wanted a crab shaped cake.

 He also wanted pineapples and other beach themed food.

 He's a very science loving boy and he was very happy about the solar powered robot kit his daddy got him.

Also, at the time, William was working a weird shift and didn't get home till late at night. But that also meant he didn't leave till later in the morning. Naturally that meant CAKE FOR BREAKFAST!

After William went to work the kids and I had a scavenger hunt.

I drew them clues that took them all over the property and ended in the back of my car where there was a treasure box full of chocolate chip cookies.
Because pirates like beaches, therefore a beach themed party should half a treasure hunt!

I just love how excited this boy is about his solar powered robot. 
Obi loves robots and he loves building robots.

 Nana came over at lunch time and brought us a special treat of sushi!
Obi loves sushi and since it was a beach themed day sushi seemed perfect.

Margaret loves sushi too.

I'm not sure why, but for some reason Obi really wanted protective gear for his bike.  He's got such a huge head it took us a long time to find a helmet that would fit him but was still fun. I think we ended up getting him a helmet for a 14 year old. 

Then we rode bikes!

All the kids are getting really good on their bikes and so much more confident.
The weekend before his birthday we took Obi to pick put his very own brand new bike.

We live in the country with no side walks and a gravel driveway so the kids ride in circles in the work shop.  We also take them into Nashville sometimes and let them ride at one of the parks there.

 Papa sent Obi a pair of work pants over alls. Obi was very proud of them.
He loves being like Papa.

William's parents sent Obi Magnetic building tiles.
Every kid needs these things! 

The kids have played with these every day since the day we go them. I think there was just one day they didn't play with them and that was because I took them away because they were never picked up.
These things are seriously fun.
Here's a link to where to buy them. 
I'm linking to the big kit because you can build more villages, and castles and spaceships with more tiles.

Obi had a very fun birthday. He's growing up so fast. He says he didn't like being four but that five is his favorite so far. 
Right now he's wearing size 7/8 clothes and his pants NEVER stay up.
He loves suspenders and bow ties and hats.
He loves building with blocks and he LOVES sticks. 
There are sticks all over the yard!
He loves the name George and names everything George.
He named his chicken George.
Yes she's a hen.
He also named his favorite rock George and at least one stick.

His favorite cuddle buddy at the moment is his little snake "Snakey" and his "baby wookie"
I don't know what the wookie's name is ... it's probably George.
He tucks it on at night in a little bed he made for him.

The kids just watched Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back on Father's day and Obi declared it "The best movie ever!"

His favorite TV show is Rescue Bots... because he likes robots.

He's a caring and sweet boy and he's a wild and silly boy.

He loves taking ballet class and the other night we watched a ballet performance on PBS because he wanted to see "the boys dance"

He also wants to be "the good guy" like the Nutcracker Prince and he wants to "rescue people, like a super hero"

He's currently down stairs taking apart an old radio that doesn't work anymore and he can hear him exclaiming with excitement that "it has a circuit board!!"

He loves science and he says he wants to be an engineer when he grows up so he can build rocket ships and play with circuit boards.

He's my sweet Obadiah.

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