Monday, July 10, 2017


So I went back and looked at my blog. Wow. I had not realized I pretty much stopped blogging when Margaret was born (except for Christmas of course).

I never even posted anything about Margaret's First Birthday!
So here are a couple pictures from her very first birthday for comparison. She's grown and changed so much but she's still my silly little stinker.

Margaret is my biggest helper. She loves helping and taking care of people... mostly other babies. She loves when she gets her own cart at the grocery store and she loves cooking in the kitchen. She can pretty much make scrambled eggs by her self now... except for the turning on the stove part.

Margaret LOVES owls.
At any given moment in the day she'll walk up and say 
"Mama, I like Who Who"

So for her second birthday we had an owl themed party.
And she got her very own bike.

She also loves Minnie Mouse so she was especially excited about her Minnie Mouse helmet.

Rosie got Margaret a stuffed owl.

Margaret opened all of her gifts sitting on that bike. She was so proud and so happy.

We had cupcakes for breakfast of course.

 That year William took off work on everyone's birthday so we had a fun day playing on the farm together.
After morning cupcakes we all piled in the truck and and drove up the the barn to take care of the injured donkey we had at the time.

 Margaret wore her helmet all day long.

 Margaret has always been my little meat eater, so for dinner we had duck!
November is really the only time of year you can find duck in the grocery store so we were all pretty excited about it.

 Margaret was especially pleased.

 She took a break from eating dinner to doctor Daddy.

 "Who Who cake!"

Margaret also loves chocolate very very much. So naturally it was a chocolate cake with chocolate chips.

She also loves sharing with her brother and feeding other people.

Little Miss Margaret had a long and wonderful day on the second birthday.
She passed out and slept almost through the night.

 The next day more presents arrived! 

 Margaret loves to play tea and kitchen and cooking.

 Our little Miss Margaret is our biggest handful. She's wild and opinionated and loves being the center of attention. She's my best eater in that she will eat a wide variety of things but she will only eat little bits here and there... for that reason it seems like I'm feeding her every 20 minutes.

When Margaret was born my life turned upside down. I thought I had a handle on things and could joggle my life and social life relatively well. But baby number 3 was very hard to get used to. I'm still not sure I'm used it!

But as much as life seemed more out of control and hectic after baby number three it sure has been fun.

Margaret has so much personality.  She's feisty and she has a hilarious sense of humor for a baby! She's imaginative and plays well by herself for a little bit. Mostly she likes to play with her brother and sister. She loves following them around and doing everything they do. She does her best to keep up with them and she's a very fast runner for such a small kid.

Margaret loves to play "mommy". I will often hear my name called by the other kids only to find out that they were talking to her. She's always the mommy and they are usually the kids or babies. Except when Obi is the daddy.

Margaret still loves owls and squeals with joy when I find a show about owls on TV (thank you PBS!). She also loves Minnie Mouse and has a pair of "MeeMow" ears she loves to wear.

Her favorite shirts to wear are her "MeeMow" shirts.

Margaret loves to wrestle! She's my biggest wrestler and is always jumping on people!
She loves animals and all animals really love her.

She loves playing in the dirt and sand. She loves making mud pies. When she's outside she says "I like mud, Mama."

She's a rough and tumble kid and tough as nails. But she's also my little cuddle bug.  She's my best cuddler and always falls asleep in my arms.  She's also still nursing. Yes still.
I went away for a weekend in February and again in May and both times the first thing she said to me when I walked in the door was "booboo mommy."

Her favorite food is Chocolate in any form. She also loves chicken and duck.

She's my tiniest kid. She's the only of my kids in clothes actually made for her age group.

Did I mention she loves to help! She's currently with William taking the trash to the dump. She will try to carry anything you ask her to and if the laundry stays in the baskets too long she'll empty them for you.
She loves putting her laundry away and she loves to wash the dishes.
When she sees a baby she says "bee bee mama" and will try to take care of them.

Her favorite show is Little Bear and Wonder Pets at the moment.  She loves animals.

She's a sweet caretaker and I'm pretty sure she thinks she's a big kid.

She's also home from the dump now so I better go down and make her something to eat.

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