Saturday, July 1, 2017

Brave Rosie

Rosie broke her arm on June 1st.

 She was a very brave little girl in the hospital, and a silly little girl once they gave her the funny medicine.

Two weeks after her first cast we went back to the Children's Hospital and she got a new, very pretty 
cast. She got to pick any color she wanted. So she chose pink and purple.

On the last day of June we all went back to the Children's Hospital to get her cast off.
Obi thought the noise canceling head phones were great.

They give the head phones to kids who don't like the noise of the cast cutting machine. 
It sounds like a loud vacuums cleaner.

The children's hospital is amazing and they do everything to make the kids comfortable and to make being there fun.
After Rosie got her cast off we watched the train set in the lobby and explored the shops and food court on the second floor. 
Rosie said the Children's hospital was the Disney World of Hospitals and even though she doesn't want to break her arm again... if we do have to go to the doctor for something again, she wants to make sure we come here.
Obi just wants to come and hang out. 
Margaret loves the train.

It took a long time to get out of the lobby.

Rosie is very happy to have her cast off.
Her elbow is still very stiff and we try and stretch it every night. She doesn't have full range of motion yet but I think she will soon. 

I'm so proud of my brave little girl.

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