Friday, November 7, 2014

Baby Preparations

I washed all the baby linens

We've all been working very hard on getting the house ready for Baby.

Since we got skunked in May the house has been pretty much torn up.

There was having to avoid an entire side of the house for a while (due to the smell). Then there was remodeling, painting and other skunk clean up that had to be done.

And of course there's always reorganizing that nesting pregnant women seem to need to do.

But now the house is finally orderly, cleaned and redecorated in places (we repainted our bedroom and made the kids a new play room).  All just in time for Baby.

Then this lovely Autumn sunrise greeted us.
I'm not usually awake for sunrise, and when I am I'm not happy about it. 
But the other day is was so lovely that I had to get up and take some pictures.
It brought me so much joy and peace about baby.
I think I'm finally read for her/him to arrive.

That was the day we finally got the baby changing station all in order. 
This is my favorite wall in our "new" bedroom.

 I also put up some baby clothes for inspiration and focus points during labor.
I don't have curtains on the window just yet because I am really loving waking up to the Autumn view every morning. 
After the leaves are all gone I'll look into getting some curtains.

The kids are excited too. This morning Obi was walking around with his baby doll in his shirt.
When I took this picture he was saying "I have baby in my tummy. I the Mommy"
He's ridiculously adorable.

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