Thursday, November 6, 2014

Ten Years Ago

Ten years ago
There was no,
No pinterest,
And wedding photographers still used film.
There were no iPhones.

We still rented movies at Blockbuster or Hollywood Video. And they were sometimes VHS.

Ten years ago
Flip phones were cool.
Camera phones were new.
We all had AIM instant massager… on our desk top computers… and loved changing our “away messages.”

Ten years ago the iPod Mini came out… in 5 different colors!

Ten years ago the year was 2004 and Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake sang at the  SuperBowl. There was a “wardrobe malfunction.” 
Everyone freaked out.

In 2004  Facebook launched,
Haiti happened,
and the 2004 Summer Olympics were held in Athens, Greece.

2004 was the year that Massachusetts legalized gay marriage.

It was a presidential election year.  George W. Bush was reelected over John Kerry.

In 2004, the day after Christmas, a 9.3 earthquake rocked the entire Indian Ocean causing massive tsunamis. It has been called the worst natural disaster in recorded history.

2004 was the year that Ronald Reagan died and Christopher Reeves died.

 November 6, 2004, ten years ago today,  William and I had the most beautiful day in a forest chapel in Lake Tahoe.

It was the day many of our friends and family went out of their way....some of them a LONG way out of their way... to join us in our lovely celebration.
It was the day that we promised each other Forever.

It was a beautiful beginning. 

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  1. I CAN'T BELIEVE it's been 10 whole years! how did that happen, and where did it go?
    That was such an exceptionally lovely day. and we captured all of it on glad you have these pictures.

    Beautiful post Michelle. And Happy Anniversary to you both.