Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Traveling Minnises

We took a trip. We had to go to a family wedding so off to Northern California we went.
My kids are the best travelers EVER.
It helps that we left really-freaking-early so they both slept most of our first flight. (yeah. we had two flights each way) And we talked about going on a plane, we played going on a plane (and practiced wearing our seat belts) and watched shows about flying on a plane. So our 3 year old was completely prepared for her big adventure and loved every minute of it.

And the baby was just perfect.
We went to the family wedding. Now all of our siblings are all married off!
Rosie was the cutest little flower girl ever and took her job very seriously.
She tossed leaves through the whole wedding ceremony
Obi was the handsomest guy there.
Rosie has the best smile.
Look at my two gorgeous guys!

All the Minnis Cousins got to hang out and play together. I'm not sure that Colton knows what to make of his who silly cousins.
My babies are very silly happy Babies.
They love each other very much. Rosie is such a good big sister.
I think this is drunk on too many cupcakes and not enough sleep.
My darling Rosie loves roses.
Sun set. This is where William and I grew up. Surrounded my mountains. Aren't they lovely?
Rosie and Colton had a great time playing with Grandpa in the restaurant. They filled his shirt pocket with all the jams and jellies and butter packets.
WE WENT TO ROSIE'S CAFE!! This was my very favorite Restaurant when I was a kid. It was the very first resterant I ever went to on a "Mommy and me" date for my 5th Birthday. When I was about 6 or 7 it burned down and I cried. I name my doll that I got for Christmas that year "Rosie" after the restaurant.  Then after we moved away they rebuilt and I was so excited to be able to go back.  The food is still great. I got steak and eggs and grinned the whole time at all my fond memories of this place.

This is Lake Tahoe. I grew up very close to the view. It's still very close to my heart and I will always feel it is a part of me. I always feel like I'm coming home in a way when I'm in Tahoe City.
Rosie and William try to climb this very big tree.
I got to buy some candy and fudge from my favorite candy shop as a kid. We used to walk to town and play out side the post office or at McDonald's and sometimes my mom would bring us to the Tahoe City Candy Factory.
Rosie Enjoyed hotel living. (This is why we need a king size bed)
It was a very busy and exhausting week but it was fun traveling with our little ones.  I always like sharing adventures with them. It was also so fun to be able to walk around Tahoe City and relive some fond childhood memories.


  1. ADORABLE!!! Why don't we EVER get to see you guys! AGH!

  2. it is very sad. We would love to have our crazies run around with your crazies... we miss you guys and have your picture up in our room.