Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Rosie's Little Friends

Rosie loves going to church.  She gets to help pick out her own dress the night before, and sometimes even Mommy's and Obi's clothes too.  She gets to go in the car and look at the trees. She gets to see Father Michael, whom she loves very much despite her morning anti-socialness, and she likes sitting in church and reading her Bible and playing with her church toys. Rosie is very good at church.
But Rosie's favorite part about going to church is getting to play afterwards and getting to see Gregory.
Rosie and Gregory are just a couple of months apart in age.  Gregory's mom is my dear friend so Rosie and Gregory get to hang out alot.  It's really fun to see them play together and teach each other things. And it's sweet how they care about each other and are concerned when each other get hurt or sad.
Once, while visiting him at his house, Gregory was so hungry he bit his own finger while eating his lunch. He must have bit it really hard because he cried and cried and had the saddest largest tears you've ever seen. If it wasn't for those tears, I have to be honest, it was kind of funny. (Sorry Gregory) But it upset Rosie so much that she insisted someone needed to get him a tissue and she STILL brings it up some times at random. She'll be playing or eating and she'll stop and say "Gregory bit his finger and it hurt and he cried." and then she'll make the cutest little "aaww" sound.
It's so much fun to watch Rosie grow into the sweet little person that she is. She cares so much about other people and she doesn't like them to be sad. Sometimes when she's crying she'll sob "I'm crying like Gregory!" and then I'm not sure if she's more sad about the fact that Gregory cries or about the thing that originally made her sad.
When Obadiah cries Rosie will drop what ever it is she's doing and run through the house saying "it's ok baby. I'm here. I'm here." and she'll try to comfort him. If that doesn't work she'll say "he needs his boobie!" She's such a considerate little angel.

Last Sunday Rosie and Gregory showed up in matching outfits, quite by accident. So I bribed them with a peanut butter chocolate bar to stand still long enough for me to snap a couple of pictures.

Don't worry. It was a sugar free bar.  Gregory and Rosie are little angels, but they are also a handful of two year old whirl wind.  But where ever they are, they are always making people around them smile.

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