Monday, July 16, 2012

5 months of Valintines day

On Valentine's Day William took me out to breakfast. It's been a special tradition for us to go out to breakfast ever since our first Valentine's day together. This year... 2012, we went to Crackle Barrel because I had never been and I heard they had great baked apples, which they do by the way, and then we went to the store and William bought me flowers and he bought Rosie a Valentine's Day balloon. We got the biggest one in the store. It was one of those silvery shiny ones.

The flowers are long gone now, but that balloon has floated in our living room for the past five months.

 Today the balloon finally started to sink. It's been touching the ceiling for five months but now it's hovering on the floor. Which is actually a bit more fun for Rosie because now she can play with it more.

 We decided that this is the most amazing balloon ever we should take some pictures with it before it's completely dead. Really I think five month has got to be a record or something.

Meanwhile, Daddy went on a trip last week and Obadiah wanted to help pack... or he wanted to go with Daddy, I'm not quite sure which one.

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  1. Five months is quite amazing! With David, balloons don't last more than a day or two ;)