Friday, July 6, 2012

Oscars Party 2012

Last week I was talking to a friend of mine about our Oscar Party and realized that I never posted it here. So I guess I'll do that now...

Our Oscar Party was on February 25th, about two weeks before Obadiah was born.

We had a red carpet and William was the popularize while I interviewed everyone (with my whisk as a microphone) before they were allowed to come in the house.

Here's Erin looking very fashionable.

Katie look quite elegant and Rosie loved that her dress sparkled.

Evan was quite dapper in his hat.

Rosie was a perfect little hostess

Alyssa looked quite lovely.  She always have the greatest smile.

And here is Gregory and his Daddy, James.

Father Micheal though we were crazy... but then, that's nothing new really.  He said he was wearing Gucci and that he expected "Gone with the Wind" to win best picture.
He doesn't get out much.

Rosie very much enjoyed having her friends over and especially enjoyed showing Gregory how to hide behind the bar stools.

Even Aunty Mae came and laughed at us. Doesn't she look good on our Red Carpet? 

We had alot of fun decorating this year.
We went with the same color scheme as last year's party, but it was more fun knowing that we actually had guests coming.

We tried to have food that went with each movie again this year. That's always a fun challenge. We had fried chicken and chocolate pie for "The Help" and our old family favorite "baseball salad" (so named for my brother's little league days) for "Money Ball."

William invented this amazing appetizer for "The Artist" (because it kind of looks black and white).  He whipped cream cheese with horseradish sauce, stirred in chopped black olives and spread it on thinly sliced roast beef. 

I was kind of proud of myself for this one... broccoli for "The Tree of Life."

I didn't get pictures of all the food, but we had Mom's famous rolled cake and creme brulee and of course pop corn.

My mom was very popular with the little ones, especially since she kept sharing her cake with them.
All in all we had a wonderful time. We watched the Oscars and voted on what we thought would win. We also played Oscar Bingo, but mostly we ate and laughed together. 

When I lived in Southern California most people I knew at least watched the Oscars and lots of people had Oscar Parties. It's LA so the movies are a bigger deal there.  In this part of the country football is the big thing. So it was great fun that my friends would humor me in coming to my Oscars party.

I'm already looking forward to next year's Oscar's Party.

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  1. Who is that cute chick with Rosie and Gregory? Can you get me her number? B-)