Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Another Thanksgiving post?!

Well kind of. Like I said before. This was one of my favorite Thanksgivings ever. But there was one down side. Since we flew home the day after Thanksgiving we missed out on all those wonderful turkey leftovers.

I thought about turkey and cranberry sandwiches all the way home. OH and Gluten Free Stuffing. yum.

When we finally landed in Nashville it was kind of late and Rosie was hungry. So we stopped by Publix Grocery store on the way home to get her some yogurt. We decided to look at the turkeys just to see if they were on sale. And sure enough, they were!

We got a 15 pound (never been frozen) turkey for $4.41.
(that was the smallest they had)

 Well we couldn't pass that up, so we bought it and a bag of potatoes. The next day we did Thanksgiving all over again.

It was really fun to enjoy the Thanksgiving meal again. Just the three of us.

And then of course there were the leftovers the next day. Which was the ultimate goal anyway.

Oh heavenly and wonderful turkey and cranberry sauce sandwich on gluten free bread.
Now I'm hungry again...

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