Monday, October 17, 2011

Our Little Pumpkin

 Our little Rosie loves Autumn. She loves being out side and now that it's cooler she can run around to her hearts content with out getting over heated.

She also loves the leaves when they fall. She thinks that's really funny and she loves the run through them as fast as she can and kick them up around her feet. It makes her laugh and giggle when they crinkle under her feet.
 She also loves pumpkins. Every time she sees a pumpkin she announces "PUMPKIIIIEEEE"

She also really loves Pumpkin Butter. She likes to eat it by the spoon full.

I love watching her enjoy this time of year. It's my favorite time of year too. I'm trying to make sure she has lots of Pumpkies around.

This week I hope to carve a Pumpkin with her and make a big pile of leaves to jump in. I'm very much looking forward to her smiles and laughs as she enjoys the fun things we can do this season.

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