Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A Magical Day at the Magic Kingdom

OK I really need to finish up our Disney Trip so I can tell you what other fun things we've been doing this season.  So Here it is.. my favorite day at Disney World... The Magic Kingdom. I could have spent all 3 days of our trip in the Magic Kingdom. I think it's the most fun and most Magical.

William got up early on Thursday and went to the park as soon as they opened. Since we did midnight swimming us girls were a little tired and had a hard time getting up in the morning. Plus we like to relax when we're on vacation... something William has a harder time doing.
So William got the the park when there was hardly any one in the park and got some good pictures of main street and road Space Mountain a few times.
I love the way Disney decorates for every season. But I especially love their Autumn and Christmas decorations. Also the castle is Disney World's Magic Kingdom is so much getter and grander than the castle in Disneyland California, which I still thinks is pretty big and nice.
Once we girls had eaten and finally got to the park we decided to spend the morning getting our pictures taken with as many Characters as we could... you know, while our hair still looked good and the lines were short.  Rosie's favorite Character is Mickey Mouse. She was pretty excited when we told her we were going to see Mickey and kept saying his name while we were in line. When she finally was face to face with him she smiled and giggled and was very happy. She even posed by her self with Mickey and Minnie and wasn't scared at all.
Then we went and saw the Princesses. Rosie's never seen a Disney Princess movie so she didn't know she was supposed to be unpressed.  Sleep Beauty was very nice and talked to Rosie alot... but Rosie just wasn't very interested.
Then we saw Belle, my favorite Princess. I was pretty giddy and excited about that and Rosie was more warmed up to the idea also...
 But she couldn't take her eyes off the next Princess we were in line to see....

For some reason Rosie LOVED Cinderella. I loved that her dress was blue and called her blue. She smiled for pictures with her and even gave Cinderella a kiss on the cheek.
We saw a couple other characters and then headed over to Fantasy land. I've never really spent alot of time in Fantasy land.

In California it's too small and feel claustrophobic. and I think I must have grown out of the rides pretty quickly. But in Florida there is alot more space and Rosie loved the rides.
She insisted on riding the horses and liked it very much.

She rode dumber twice...

I did not, since it makes me motion sick... but I did get my picture with Dumbo.
And we rode It's a Small World a few times... It's always been one of my favorite rides and I was so happy that is was Rosie's favorite too.

Of course we did some shopping too. I spent way too much time in the Christmas store of course, and I also very much love the shops on Main Street.  I mostly just like to look at everything but I also like to get a couple nice souvenirs.  Ever since I was a kid my two favorite souvenirs have always been a balloon and a hat.
Well I did get a pretty wonderful hat...
And Nana got Rosie a balloon that lit up. It lasted for almost two weeks and we took it every where with us while we were at Disney World.

There are so many amazing things to explore at the Magic Kingdom. So many shops and great things to eat. So many little details and lots of fun rides. I didn't get to do half the things I would have liked to do... but that just means we'll have to come back.  It was also pretty great that we were there for "off season" so the lines were not long at all.

It was a wonderful trip and definitely a dream come true for me, and I know Rosie really loved it too.


  1. She is the most beautiful little girl in the whole world, but in these pictures it's you I can't stop looking at. You're positively glowing. :) Love you and miss you.

  2. aw. Thanks. I think this pregnancy looks alot better on me than the last one ;o)