Wednesday, March 5, 2014


 It is NOT very often that we get snow. Especially this year. And if we do get snow it never sticks around for more than a couple hours.

But this week, now that it's March, we did get snow and it stuck around for not one but two days!!

First it rained. Then it sleeted. Then the temperature dropped below freezing. Then it snowed.

Needless to say, our roads are an icy mess so no one is going any where and most places are closed.

But it also means lots of fun playing in the snow.
  Aren't they the cutest little snow bunnies that you've ever seen?!

Rosie saw someone make a snow angel on one of her shows. She was very excited to make one for your self.

Then we all made one...

 All the trees are completely encased in ice. It so crazy and so lovely.

William made sure all the goats had plenty to eat and enough room to hide out in the barn.

They were a little freaked out because when they tried to walk around in the yard they kept slipping.

I'm not going to lie. It was kind of funny.

Mom is a good goat mama and comforted every one that was freaked out. They felt better after getting some love.

Rosie made her first snow ball!

Obi went all over the yard checking out all the snow and ice.

The daffodils had just started to come up (since it is the first week of March). I hope this doesn't kill them. They are my favorite part of Spring.

Nana and Obi comfort the dog who was rather cold and couldn't figure out why we were all outside for so long. 

Nana and the kids played on the slide for a little bit... but as you can see... Obi was a little cold, hungry and tired and it was about time to go in for some hot chocolate.

But first William helped Rosie build a snow man.

She was very proud of her snow man. She named him Coldy.
I hope you all are staying warm and dry where ever you are. And I hope you're enjoying these last few weeks of Winter. 
I am optimistic that Spring is just around the corner.

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