Friday, March 7, 2014


As I mentioned before, we don't get snow much. So the fact that today is day 5  that we have piles of white slush on the ground. Although as warm as it is today, I think they will be gone by this evening.

It sure was fun while it lasted though!

On Tuesday we took the kids outside to play in the snow and I really wanted to try sledding down our big hill.

Sadly, we don't own a sled so William found a trashcan lid and I tried a card board box. The lid worked a lot better than the box.

We took turn taking the kids down while balancing on the lid. It was our own fun version of the two man luge.

Here's a picture of the kids with my fallen apart box. It was good for about two runs, then it fell apart.

Obi had so much fun sledding. He went down one time by him self....

He laughed the whole way down but then after that run he wanted some one to take him down.

At the end of every run he'd say "again! Again!"

I didn't get very many pictures or any videos because we were all having so much fun going down the hill super fast.

I ran into a tree a couple of times before we figured out where the best sledding path would be. But it was so much fun.

Our little Rosie liked sledding too. But not as much as Obi. She went down once with me and once with Nana and once with Daddy and then she was happy just watching and playing with the ice on the trees.

She's such a sweet little ice princess.

So that was our first time sledding in Middle Tennessee.
Hopefully we get more snow next year so we can do it again.

I'll definitely have to buy a sled though.

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