Friday, November 8, 2013

Walt Disney World -- Day 4 --Epcot

Day four at Disney World took us back to Epcot. We wanted to end on the most magical note possible  so we wanted The Magic Kingdom should be our last day.

Rosie brought Dancing Bear with her again. It was so adorable seeing her talk to her little bear. Telling her all about what we were doing and what we were seeing. There were moments she just sat by herself and talked to Dancing Bear.

It was so sweet to watch.

The first thing we did when got to Epcot was see Mickey Mouse again.  Epcot has a wonderfully air conditioned indoor spot where you can see several characters at once. The lines can get kind of long so we thought we'd do that first thing in the morning.

Obi was particularly happy to see Mickey again.  He didn't want to say good bye and grabbed Mickey's nose and gave him a big kiss. It was the most adorable thing. I think it was one of the best moments of the whole vacation.

Goofy was very friendly and gave lots of kisses. He won Obi over in no time. Rosie was adorably all smiles too.

Then it was time to meet Minnie. Rosie had been asking to meet Minnie Mouse and was very happy to introduce Dancing Bear to her. Minnie was sweet and gave kisses to Dancing Bear and the kids.

I love Disney. I love everything about it. I would go to Disney World or Land every year if I could. Even if I didn't have kids. But with kids it's even more magical than I ever could have imagined.

Watching the kids be so happy to meet the characters was absolutely amazing and yes... magical.

After the character meet and greet... and kisses, we were off to enjoy the rides. 
We rode several rides but I think Obi liked riding in the double stroller the best. He loved sitting next to his Ro-Ro.
Here he is sporting Mama's new sunglasses. I was very happy to find some sunglasses in the kids section. I have such a small head and can never find glasses that fit me. But I did at Disney World. And they are princess glasses too!
Epcot does have some rides and some fun things to explore. Mostly science related. But the real draw of the place are the world pavilions.  Last time we started in England and worked our away around. We didn't cover much ground that day because we got stuck enjoying France so much. 
So this time we started on the other end of the circle and made our way around the opposite direction.
We also stopped at almost every food stand we passed (remember it was Food and Wine Festival while we were there).

Rosie was awesome and let  me try hats on her from around the world.
Here she is in Mexico.
Also in Mexico
We discovered Norway this time around too. I've never stopped in this one before and quite enjoyed it. 
They even had a ride that I never knew was there.
The Norway ride was a boat ride through different historical and cultural scenes from Norway. 
Rosie really enjoyed it.
She was wide eyed the whole time and took everything in. 
She asked a lot of questions about what she saw...
...and in the end she decided she liked Trolls. There were a lot of Trolls in the ride.
After the ride she had her picture taken in one of the shops with a big troll.

I also got to talk with a couple of the shop attendants from Norway. They were really sweet and fun to talk to. I've decided I really like Norway. 
I'd visit there some day.
Rosie was a little confused about this hat, but she let me put it on her anyway.
Rosie rather liked China. 
She had asked the day before if we could visit it.
 She wanted to "see where she was born."
Of course we spent quite a while in China reminiscing about our China days and eating red bean ice cream.

After eating our way around the world it was time for dinner.
We ate at the Pub in Great Britain.
Sadly we were not too impressed with the food or the service. But we did get to eat out on the balcony and watch the lovely sunset. That was very nice and peaceful.

After dinner we hung out in England a bit. The boys had fun playing in the phone booths.
Rosie and I looked every where for the blue police box TARDIS but in the end we had to make do with the red phone box.
After the park closed we dicided we wanted to ride the Monorail.
So we rode to the Magic Kingdom. 
From there we were going to catch our bus back to our hotel. 

The conductors on the Monorail gave us stickers and were so wonderful to us. I'm glad we took the time to ride it. It really is the only way to get a full grasp on how big Walt Disney World really is.

The Magic Kingdom had closed early because the Not-so-scary Halloween party was going on that night. We arrived outside the gates just in time to see the fireworks show!

It was actually a great location to watch the show because we got to see the fireworks and still hear the music without all the crazy crowds or having to see all the evil bad guys that dominate the Halloween show.
It's a little hard to see us but we are there in the dark in front of the park entrance.
For the most part the kids enjoyed the fireworks. It was a little loud for them but they enjoyed the pretty lights. 

It was a long and wonderful day.
We all dragged our selves back to our hotel and got ready for our last day in the Magic Kingdom.
And actually, I think Rosie and William got a couple more hours in the pool before bed. 
What a little night owl she is.

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