Wednesday, November 6, 2013

9 Years and Counting -- Happy Anniversary!

 29 years ago these two little kids met and became fast friends. We played at church and bible studies and had many adventures in the woods behind William's home.

(This is an actual picture. It is not Photoshopped, just cropped)

20 year later. (Nine years ago) Those two kids grew up to become these two kids and got married! ------>

Five years after that those two kids made this amazing kid! 

Doesn't she have the most amazing smile?!

Then baby number two came and we were a family of 4 kids (of various ages).

Now these four kids are still having adventures, exploring the world and having fun.

All because nine years ago today these two kids got married. 

Happy Anniversary to my wonderful husband and soul mate. It has been an amazing nine years. 
I look forward to the next nine years.  
(and the next nine kids)

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  1. Thanks Michelle just loved this walk down memory lane. I hope you and William have many more years together. Tom and I were married 46.. God Bless you Brenda