Wednesday, July 24, 2013

VBS day 4

Making a cactus out of a cucumber

Day 4 of VBS arrived with great rejoicing. Wednesday had been a rough day for the grown ups. We were all so tired and a bit grumpy. But with Wednesday behind us (I have always hated Wednesdays, they are my least favorite day) and wonderful Thursday before us, there was light of the end of tunnel of this very long week.

Of course the kids continued to have a wonderful time, which was the important party anyway.

As I mentioned before, I really liked the curriculum that was chosen for this week and all the crafts and activies were so much fun.
 Rosie worked so hard at her play all week long.
Cafe servers

The kids got to play "Cowboy Cafe" and take turns being the servers.

This was really fun. It was basically a cowboy tea party (just don't tell the boys that).  

Rosie loved being a waitress and taking everyone's orders and bringing them food.

I always thought the kids were so cute sitting on this bench together waiting for Mass to begin 

And here they are with Miss Alyssa heading to Mass.

Taking pre-schoolers to Mass every day was a bit of an adventure and a challenge.  MOST of the kids did really well and by the end of the week per almost perfect angels in church.....

We wont mention which kids were not the best behaved in Mass... but they might have been the ones with red hair.

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