Thursday, July 25, 2013

Last Day of VBS

Oh the glorious last day of Vacation Bible School!
 Even the kids seemed a little slap happy and overly tired. To be sure the adults were all very exhausted. But that didn't stop us from having fun.

Friday was mustache day and you can't go wrong with mustache day.

Unless of course your mama makes you wear one for a picture. Poor little adorable tortured Obi.

Mustaches obviously need to be groomed, we all went to the cowboy barber.

Each of the kids got shaved and then they had a lot of fun shaving Miss Katie (Who was responsible for all the fun crafts and actives all week). 

Even Obi got a shave. He took it very seriously. 

Did I mention the adult leaders were a little slap happy and goofy this day?

Friday was also water day. The kids got to play in a little kiddie pool.  It was so adorable how much they were looking forward to it all morning and then how much they enjoyed it.

The sand boxes were also a big hit.

And of course Obi found a few hats to wear and show off to us. He sure does love hats. Little Cutie Monster.

So that's it. We all survived our first VBS and have some fun and happy memories from it.

Rosie came away with a pile of crafts and I learned a lot about Rosie and how well she does on a structured schedule.

I also came away with so much respect and in awe of my mom who made so many Vacation Bible Schools for us such wonderful experiences. I never realized how much work and energy she must have put into them and how exhausted she must have been.  Thank you mama for such a wonderful childhood and always making our summers so magical.

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