Sunday, September 30, 2012

Smells like home

We are currently traveling.
Of course I forgot my camera cable so I can't post any pictures yet, but hopefully I'll get around to that when we get home.
But until then, here are just a few thoughts and realizations:

In the one hour we spent in the Los Angeles airport I realized that LA smells like home.  When you've traveled as much as me and William you soon notice that every place has it's own unique smell. And the smell of LA as we got off the plane was so familiar and welcoming to me. I was actually really sad the whole time that we were there that we weren't going get to spend any time outside the airport. I hadn't realize how much I missed LA

Also, avocados taste SO much better in California!  I had a Cobb salad in the airport because people outside California just do not know how to make a proper Cobb.  And oh my the avacodo on it was worth the four hour flight to get to it.

The fruit in California is so big and sweet!  I don't think Californians realize how spoiled they are. Fruit does not taste the same in other parts of the country.

Another thing I rediscover is that Californians walk really fast!  Especially southern Californians. It's like they are always in a hurry!  They also dress funny. I've seen a lot of other peoples boxers and underwear in the two days I've been in California. (we are in northern Cali....or NorCal, as the cool kids call it).

Before we left some one jokingly asked us if we needed a passport to travel to California because it was such a different place from where we live the country near a small town in a backwards county in Tennessee .  It's been so long since I've been back to California that I don't think I realized, or remembered just how different it is.  I don't think the average Californian realizes how different they are from the rest of the county. It is such a different place here. And as much as I love living in Tennessee , which I do, and no matter much I love the country life and that Rosie is growing up in on a farm in the countr, and evenno matter much my inner southern soul thrives and enjoys living in Tennessee ....California still smells like home.

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