Monday, September 12, 2011

Dickson County Fair

 On Saturday we went to the local Fair.  My mom read that they were going to be showing meat goats and since that's technically what we raise she wanted to go check them out.

This was our first local fair so we weren't sure what to expect. We were very pleasantly surprised. There was a bird barn with chickens that Rosie really loved. She also really liked the ducks and turkeys.

I enjoyed the 4H barn where kids had entered their canning, and arts and crafts, science projects, and collects, which are always my favorite. I love seeing what people collect and how they choose to display them.

We also enjoyed the produce barn where I saw green tabaco for the first time and a water  melon that was 110 pounds!

 After enjoyed the birds and produce we made our way to the goat barn. Other days of the week they had other animals but today was the goat judging.

The first group that showed their goats was the 5 and under age group. These kids were so cute marching their goats around the coral and they all had such cute goats. Everyone in this group was a winner.
 Here's a picture of the high school group for show goats. The girl in the red shirt in the bottom right corner of the picture won first place. This group was really hard to judge and it took a really long time for them to pick a winner. All the goats were really good looking and the kids did a great job with them.

Rosie also enjoyed watching all the people on the crazy carnival rides and games. Of course she wanted to do the fishing game. That was her favorite game back in July at the Irish Picnic too.
 I think she could have stayed there and fished all day.
 She won a purple bouncy ball.
 Then we found the ponies. Rosie was very happy just watching them walk around in a circle. We asked her if she wanted to ride one but she kept saying no. Then all of a sudden she decided she really wanted to ride one.
 She was SO happy to be riding the "horsey"
 She smiled and giggled the whole time.
 She was so cute that every one was taking pictures of her and the pony lady gave her an extra long ride.
All in all it was a great day. We were all very impressed with the fair and came home with smiles on our faces and a very tired baby girl.

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