Tuesday, August 16, 2011

International Baby

Rosie eating Pho
 On of the things, if not the only thing, I miss about living in Los Angeles is the amazing food. In LA you can have food from every part of the world without having to go far at all. You can have Vietnamese for breakfast, Indian for lunch and Korean for dinner and you can even drive to little Ethiopia for tea if you like.  Every food from every part of the world is there, and authentic too.

It's a little harder in the Nashville area to find good authentic international food.  But William and I are determined to find it... even if it means long drives and a little extra research. We want to do this for ourselves, because we love and crave this food and we want to do it for Bonnie Rose because we want her to grow up with a very international world view.

So far we are pretty happy with our results. We still haven't found Chinese food that meets our standards but after living in China for so long that's to be expected. We pretty much just make our own now if we really want it.  However, we have been able to find one of our all time favorite foods though. Pho!

Pho (pronounced "Fuh" with the O making the sound that U makes in the word UP and f*ck) is a Vietnamese rice noodle soup with a wonderful wonderful  beef based broth. You can put all kinds of stuff in it from fish balls to tripe (cow stomach) to tendon to thin strips of beef.  Pho is comfort food.
 Not to long ago we also found a very yummy Sushi place.  It was a special treat.  Sushi has always been something special to me and William and yes... we are a little snobby about it. Unfortunately, Rosie wasn't really a sushi fan. But she did like the rice and she very much liked the Miso soup.
Our most resent and surprising find was good Mexican food. William and I are a little snobby about our Mexican food too... ok so maybe we're snobby about most of our food.  Living in Southern California we've come to expect a lot from our Mexican food. Out side of California it just tastes too American. So we were very happy to find a very local place that actually had food that tasted pretty authentic.  Some things on the menu are better than others and it's not San Diego Mexican food... but it's pretty darn good.  We ate there twice last week because it's so close I was CRAVING their Cheese Enchiladas. Rosie loves their beans and Enchiladas too. She's also a fan of tacos.

Next on our list of food to hung food. Korean food. Good Korean food. Wish us luck!


  1. Yep, I miss the sushi - but while in Saginaw I ate Sushi 3 days in a row! good sushi/sashimi is so hard to get! I miss our pho place in La Mirada or where ever it was, I can't remember but I always ate too much there anyway. The McEwen Mexican place though, is surprisingly good. I'm glad we (you) tried it. Dad liked it, too. The one thing I miss though, right now, is my usual - Chicken caesar salad grilled on our very own grill. I've been eating way too many pre-made meals lately. I need home cooking!

  2. Ummm... I hope that Tschetter beef still makes the list of good food. PS Ross and I are stockpiling gluten-free food/recipes in the hopes that you will come visit. :)