Saturday, July 2, 2011

Bumps and Bruises

 Baby Girl and I take walks out to the goat pastures sometimes. We walk out with the goats and sit with them for a while. After a couple hours we try to sneak away before they notice. But they always do. Then when they see that we're getting away they start running as fast as they can to catch up with us. Sometimes they don't stop before they reach us, they just run right through us! or rather, into me.

They don't mean to get me with their horns. They just get excited and start running and then run into me... with their heads. They do it to each other too... I guess they think I'm a goat.

I got this bruise a couple weeks ago. It really hurt and was swollen for a couple of days. I couldn't even sit down comfortably for days. Actually it still hurts!

I don't mind the bruises. That's life on the farm, and really it doesn't happen that often. The only thing I mind a little is that William gets in a fight with a tree where the tree tries to eat his leg and he comes out with a couple of scratches, some sore muscles but not much else to show for it. I take a walk outside and come home with my leg falling off.

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