Sunday, June 6, 2010

Papa and Baby

A few posts ago I shared with you about my new pink Ergo that I was waiting to pick up when I returned to the states.

Well the day has finally come and I am so so happy with my beautiful pink Ergo.
The Ergo is my favorite baby carrier for heavy babies. (I like wraps for infants and newborns). It's so comfortable and distributes the baby's weight on my hips and not just my shoulders. It's also really comfortable for the baby since they are in the sitting position with support instead of being dangled by their crotches.
PLUS. It's SUPER cute!
I've used it every day since we've been State Side and LOVE putting it on. It's the perfect baby accessory.

Even my Dad thinks so.
Papa and Baby Bonnie went for a walk today while I was getting ready for Jenny's wedding. Don't they look so cute!

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