Sunday, June 20, 2010

A Change of Plans

On the 17th of June William got on a plane and went back to Shanghai after a whirl wind wedding week.
I was supposed to go with him.
But I didn't.

I changed my mind, and my plans.

Instead of taking a 14 hour plane right home to China Baby and I took a 7 hour road trip with my mom.

It was a really fun road trip and Baby Girl did SO well.

Coming over the pass from Kentucky to Tennessee I tried to capture the mystery and romance of the place. But pictures just don't capture it.

When I see the mist resting over the trees and the fire flies sparkling in the grass I just can't capture is pictures or words how magical it all feels.

Another 'magical' thing about this road trip was our stop at the Corvette Museum. I've always loved Corvettes and when baby needed a break from her car seat we stopped here to play in the grass. and on the car.

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