Friday, January 29, 2010

Baby it's cold out side

Every year I say the same thing.
Every year I say "this might be our last winter here" so I don't buy a winter coat... because I don't want to spend the money.

But this year I decided "Damn it! I'm tired of being cold!"

So THIS year. William took me to a "down expo," which was really just a floor of down coat shops in People's Square.

I tried on alot of coats.
At one ship I got laughed at by not just one but 4 sales people when the coat they gave me try on wouldn't zip up around my boobs. *glower*

But in the end... I found it... my perfect coat.

I wanted something LONG. To keep me really warm. I've learned that if you have a coat that goes down over your butt it keeps you alot warmer than one that just ends at the waist.
So I figured if I could get something that would go past my KNEES then it would keep me (and my knees) REALLY warm.

I was totally right. This coat is awesome! It's almost TOO warm. I feel like I'm walking around in a sleeping bag. When it's Zero degrees outside I'm all warm and toasty inside my great new coat...

except for my shins...

so I guess I have to buy some boots now. :o) hehehe

OH.. and the best part about this coat? (beside being freaking warm)...

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That's right. It's got Leopard Print Lining!

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