Tuesday, August 4, 2009

My Favorite moments with Miriam

Here's just a quick list of funny memories that we have from our visit with Miriam:

~I REALLY enjoyed when Miriam explained to the Chinese tailor at the fabric market how to make his seams look better.

~The fishing vest.
Ok might not have been a funny thing at the time... but it's funny now :o)

~When Miriam said with surprise"I haven't seen ANY dead bodies in China"

~William going through Miriam's purse and asking her why each item was in there (we were trying to help her make it lighter) Maybe I was delusional from a really long hot day of walking.. . but I couldn't stop laughing.

~When Miriam explained that she carried Aspirin in her purse all the time just in case someone had a heart attach when she was out at the store of something. I don't know why but it seemed really funny to me.

~My friend Lukas thought it was hilarious when Miriam said "a baby can survive with just his mother and a cardboard box. It would not be swell but he could survive."

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  1. I can actually hear Miriam saying every one of these, she's so hilarious!