Thursday, June 4, 2015

Summer Swimming Days

I promised the kids a new swimming pool this year since last year's didn't get stored properly and got ruined. 

Pro tip: get your pool on Memorial Day at Walmart.  They are dirt cheap and you can get a fun one. 

I did not do that this year. I planned to. I picked it out online. It had a slide and a fountain and was Dino themed and was only $25. But I didn't pull the trigger and buy it. I waited.  And then it got really expensive. 

Instead we ended up at Big Lots  
Which worked out really well. Rosie said she wanted a deeper pool than a kiddie pool so we ended up with this bad boy. 

As you can see, we even worked it out so we could have a slide. 

The kids have been in the pool all day long. They got out for lunch and then got right back in. They even turned down an offer to go in and watch tv. 
Obi was getting really sleepy and I thought he might like some tv/down time. But instead he figured out his own resting  method. .  . 
The pool is right outside my mom's office window so as to provide her with endless distractions from work (sorry Nancy). 

So it looks like our Summer is going to be pretty fun. I just need to stock up on water proof sunscreen. 

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