Monday, December 23, 2013

Thankgiving Happened

I know I'm WAY behind on my blog and for the handful of people who read it I am sorry. Especially to my In-Laws who check the blog to get updated pictures of their grand babies.

December was a rough month. The kids got really sick after Thanksgiving... really sick... scary sick. But we are better now. It's one day till Christmas and we only have a couple more days of antibiotics left. This was our first time being on antibiotics. It was scary there for a bit but now they are finally of the couch and playing like healthy children should.

So now I can leave the room (or the house) with out worrying and it's been a whole week since I've been thrown up on!!

November was a crazy month. We mostly spent the whole month getting ready for Thanksgiving. It was the first time the WHOLE family had gotten together for a holiday. It was pretty crazy and pretty fun. 22 people in one house!

Here are some of the pictures I remembered  to take during the week...

 yes, they have matching sweaters
 watching the parade
 Uncle Luke brought swords and had a weekend long sword fight with all the kids.

 Every one colored turkeys and wrote what they were thankful for

 our thankful turkeys. we have some pretty talented people
 discovering the kitty door

 traditional post thanksgiving video game playing
 traditional post thanksgiving fever

 oh... and then we went and bought our first real Christmas tree since we've been married

 we wanted this 10 foot one but it wouldn't fit in the house. sigh.
 playing dress up

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