Friday, August 23, 2013

All Growing Up

Rosie tells me all the time that she's a "grown up girl" now. And she is. Yesterday we had our first dance class (after a Summer break) and I was amazed at how grown up she seemed compared to how she was last semester in dance class.

Even Obi has grown up a lot. Last semester he learned to walk in dance class. You may remember the bright orange Tutu that he wore and learned to walk in.

Tonight was another huge mile stone. I asked Rosie to write something in a Birthday card for a friend and offered to help her write her name. She declined and said "I can do it my self, Mommy." And she did.

I was so amazed and shocked... and a little sad I couldn't keep the birthday card! So I asked her to write it again on a paper I could keep.

Here it is.

 Isn't it wonderful. She did it all by her self. No help at all. The O got turned into a Q because she said they are nicer. I want to frame it.

My beautiful babies are growing up so much. They make me so happy.

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