Friday, May 3, 2013

Working Girls

Nana, my mom, works very hard. She spends alot of her time shut up in her room on conference calls and hosting web trainings. Honestly I don't really know what she does, I just know she's on the computer all day long. And all night long.
Last weekend she announced "I'm going to take a half day off today. I'm only going to work 8 or 9 hours."
I told her that most people consider that to be a whole day...especially on a Saturday.

The kids and I do our very best to bring her coffee and food and plenty of distractions during the day.

Earlier this week Rosie woke up and wanted to check on Nana right away. By the time I got to Nana's room to check on them (after changing Obi's diaper and making breakfast and getting coffee) I found that Nana had taken a little break to teach Rosie how to type.

So now Rosie types. She types words like zoo, and hug and she really likes making the symbols above the numbers.

So now I have two working girls in the house.

I know my mom works really hard and that she's tired and stressed most of the time. But I'm really thankful that she works from home so we can interrupt her and have these little special moments.

I'm really thankful for both my working girls.

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