Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Lost Christmas-tide Post

 **I meant to post this months ago but apparently it never go posted. So here is a rather old post I wrote several months ago. I know it's a Christmas post, but hey.. I DO love Christmas! Also, I know it's Lent and we're supposed to be thinking about Christ's death but I think it's some how appropriate to think about his birth at this time too... Anyway, I loved these pictures so much it seemed a shame not to post them... even during Lent. **

Every first Friday of the month our church has 24 hour adoration where we have someone (an hour at a time) in the church for a full 24 hours.

I look forward to my hour every month, but especially during this time of year...Especially during Christmas. I love this time of year the most in Church. It's the time of year that we have visual reminders of Christ at every stage of our Salvation. His Birth, Death, and Resurrection. Our past, present and future.
Obi loves this time of year too. "Look Momma! There's a baby! I'm going to go say hi."
I love that the baby rests under the alter and you can see the risen and glorified lamb a the same time.
I love, especially at Christmas time, all the visual reminders of my faith and salvation.  It makes me happy and giddy. This was truly my favorite hour I've ever spent in Church. 

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