Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Iced In

How's the weather where you are?
It's pretty cold all over the country as far as I can tell.  We are currently covered in ice. I've never seen anything  like it!
Last Saturday we picked my mom up from the airport and it was 75(F) degrees. Then, after raining for a couple days, the temperature dropped below freezing and all that rain water turned to ice.

We are now covered in a sheet of ice.

I don't think my petunias made it.

The schools are currently closed because of the ice. I've heard of Snow Days but have you ever had an Ice Day from school? Having grown up in Southern California where school NEVER got cancelled, ever. Especially not for weather.   It's all kind of fascinating to me.

I'm still hoping for some snow this year, and I hear we MIGHT get some tomorrow. But until then we will sit here under this sheet of ice and marvel at it's beauty. While avoiding driving anywhere.
But if we do have to go anywhere, Rosie knows how to stay warm in the car while looking super cute.

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