Friday, March 12, 2010


We all feel a little needy sometimes . Especially when we are lonely.

Sometimes my baby is needy.
Sometimes if I put her down to go do something around the house she has the saddest little cry that just begs "Mommy hold me"
I can't resist it. And why would I?

We all feel needy sometimes. Babies are no different.

But more often than Bonnie Rose feeling needy *I* feel needy and I just want to hold her.

Today I needed to go to the store. I could have put Bonita in her stroller. But I was feeling needy and I just wanted her close to me.

It's days like this one that I most love my baby carriers.

We all feel needy sometimes. Especially when we are lonely.
Mommies are no different.


  1. aww.

    I miss you xx can't wait to hang out for a whole entire week!!

  2. so sweet! i love this post! and love holding my babies too :)