Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Bed time routine

Every one has different ways of getting ready for bed. Especially with kids it's important to have a bed time routine.  Some people have nightly bath time and read books. Those are good things. Calming things.
In our family...We have nightly round around the house time.
And Baby Girl isn't satisfied to do it by her self. She wants as many people and she can round up to run with her... and always wants poor Andy, our dog, to chase her.

I love how she pats her little butt to get him to come. Silly little baby.
Here's a video of the full circle she runs. Baby Girl loves to watch this video. She always waves at herself as she comes around the corner and laughs and laughs.

I don't know what we would have done in Shanghai in our teeny tiny apartment and our energetic little girl. She wouldn't have had any space to run around.  I'm so thankful for the space we have here and for my parents being so willing to have us with them.

I love our night time with our Baby Girl. She's so funny and entertaining.
Maybe we should look into that nightly bath some time.

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